When “time for coffee?” turns into waiting, wishing, and potentially rejection.

two people’s hands holding coffee cups with their hands touching, as if on a date.
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First, the investigation process.

woman working on the floor next to a sleeping baby, scratching his back.
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This one change will set up your company for success right from the start

two people looking at the same computer screen collaborating.
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The less-than-glamorous things they don’t tell you about starting your company

woman sitting at desk in front of laptop biting pencil in clear frustration
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Reality #1: Nobody cares about your company as much as you do.

When the excitement of starting your company dies down, what next?

woman presenting in front of a white board with post-its on the board.
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There are silver linings in slow times

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Focus on leading, not creating labels

Two women sit in front of a computer, working together.
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No leadership book needed. Follow these memorable quips.

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These books only ripen with time.

Woman sits in a coffee shop, curled up in a chair, with an open book in her lap.
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A new year is a great time to reflect on improving you.

person climbs a mountain, while friends watch and cheer them on below.
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How do you want to continue to grow?

Linda Thrasher

Entrepreneur || Fortune 500 Executive

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